The Clifton House will provide in-person, hybrid in-person and virtual and virtual programs for our creative community.  We are committed to quality workshops, creative development, networking opportunities, live events and education in the craft and business of writing and art. The Clifton House supplies the tools, equipment, and qualified instructors to develop skilled writers, poets, artists, and creatives. 

Clifton House will utilize virtual meeting technology to connect local artists with writers, artists, and lecturers across the globe.  In-house classes will provide industry standard technology (such as iPads, MacBooks, PC laptops, Cintiqs) for student use in writing and art classes. 


Workshops for poets of all levels, facilitated by poets and partners worldwide. Workshops will vary in scope and duration, but will always be deeply resonant.

Memoir: Writing Your Story

Workshops for enthusiastic memoirists; all are welcome • Clifton’s Memoir “Generations” will be one of the sources used to explore the many ways our life stories can be nuanced when “Even the lies are true”

Fiction (Speculative, Narrative)

Workshops for fiction writers; all are welcome. Clifton’s teaching career included stints as a professor of Science Fiction. Our workshops will be led by authors from multiple genres of narrative writing.

Drawing & Painting

All levels of experience, materials will be provided for in-house classes and workshops.
Fred Clifton was both an activist and visual artist (painting and sculpture). Our classes will explore both the craft of visual artis and the idea of art as activism.

Higher Education Informational Events

Clifton House will host Meet & Greet/”Ask Me Anything” events
Lucille Clifton said “We cannot create what we cannot imagine”. The Clifton House will hold informal meetings with local educators, alumni, and college career services representatives to provide opportunities to explore the educational possibilities in their lives

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